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Reforestation in Haiti : students are taking action

Around 700 Southern Haiti high school and junior high school students have been offered trees, within our Reforestation School Program, thanks to our partner Paul Mitchell. They planted more than 7000 of them, which will allow them to pay – in a few years – for their school fees. Mainly, thanks to cocoa beans sales.

7405: It’s the exact amount of trees that were given out to two schools in Asile. A small Haitian town located in the district of Nippes, in the Southern part of the Caribbean Island.

Lately, MBSH Junior High School and Saint-Joseph High School were seething with excitement! Everyone was expecting with eagerness the trees that were to be handed in. All gathered in their schoolyard, more than 700 students received each one 10 young cacao trees. Then, they planted them back in their home garden, following the advice of their teachers. Our partner’s agronomist – namely Kaléos, also provided them with some helpful information.

By nurturing their cacao trees, the students will be able to harvest their first cocoa beans within 4 years. This organic cocoa will be a great supplement to add in many culinary preparations. Hence, reinforcing their family’s food security.

The follow-up care of the trees is ensured by an eponymous Comity, made up of teachers. This Comity will regularly visit the families’ gardens. Therefore, making sure the trees growth is proper. Also, the members of the Comity can provide for advice if needed. After each visit, a grade will be attributed and incorporated to the students’ school report. What a great way to raise awareness about sustainable development, among youngsters in school environment !!

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Over 10 000 new Maya Nut Trees planted in Peru

Nurseries are constantly full in the San Martin region of Peru. Over 10 000 young and lovely Maya Nut trees were planted in August and September. Thanks to Paul Mitchell’s support.

Known as the African Iroko, this astonishing walnut tree is called Maya nut tree in the Peruvian latitudes – where our reforestation project runs in Amazonia. If Maya Nut Tree is so greatly praised, it is because it contains wonderful properties, useful to the ecosystems, as much as to the human beings.


A Maya Walnut Tree planted in 2014

In addition to its highly nutritious fruits for the local population – that strengthen food security for children – Mayan Walnut Tree also has the amazing ability to transform CO2 sequestration in limestone.

In August and September, Reforest’ Action planted more than 10,000 Mayan Walnut Trees in the San Martin region. More precisely, in the heart of the Conservation area named Cordillera Escalera.

tree-nursery-peruBesides planting, nurseries are plentiful of young plants, lovingly pampered by local teams. All these future gigantic trees will be planted in the next coming months, with the support of our partner Paul Mitchell.

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Peru: more than 15.000 new trees planted in June

Plantations are underway in Peru: thousands of baby trees repopulate the forest each month thanks to Paul Mitchell’s support! Last June, more than 15.000 young trees were planted in different areas of the San Martin region.

Months go by and almost look alike in Peru. Around 18.000 trees were planted in May, and 15.000 took roots in June.

Reforestation trees Peru

These young plants, mostly Maya nut trees, were planted in different areas of the San Martin region, in Northern Peru. This is thanks to the energy of the local communities, direct stakeholders of our reforestation project.

A quarter of the 15.000 saplings were notably planted in the ‘Cordillera Escalera’ regional conservation area. In addition to plantation activities, the production of 1,500 new trees, including moringa trees, was launched in different nurseries of the project.

You want to plant trees in one click? It’s easy and it’s here!

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OECD becomes partner with Reforest’Action

The OECD, which headquarters are in Paris, recently committed to plant trees with Reforest’Action – in the Paris area. For each of its 3200 collaborators, one tree will be planted.

With 34 State-members, the OECD is a significant International Organization. Its mission: to promote politics in favor of the reinforcement of the socio-economic well being throughout the world. Within this vision, it regularly produces reports on environmental matters such as Water Management, Energetic Performance as well as Climate Change Reduction Strategies.

Siege OCDE

In 2010 – because it wants to be coherent with the challenges it takes up – the Organization lifted a step in reducing its ecological imprint. Since then, significant progress has been made in several areas, such as its transport fleet gas consumption, which was reduced by 43% within 5 years. Another important change, its energetic consumption has recorded a 27% decrease.

In 2016, the OECD committed to plant a tree for each of its 3200 agents. Hence, involving them in developing its Environmental Strategy, and following the line adopted by the Paris Agreement. “The OECD is committed to limiting its work impact on the Environment, in a manner which is compatible with larger scale targets of green and sustainable growth”, explains Anthony Rottier, OECD’s Executive Director.

Plantation OCDE avril

Within the next months, Reforest’Action will raise the Organization’s employee’s awareness on the benefits and issues of Trees and Forests. This winter, armed with spades and pickaxes, part of its co-workers will participate in planting around 3200 trees in a forest affected by trees in decline – nearby Bréval (Region of Yvelines).

The interactive aspect of the project is fantastic! Last May, a small group of coworkers planted around 50 walnut trees in Bréval, as a tryout. This operation prompted extremely positive reactions. The employees who participated, really felt they directly contributed to improving the Environment”, declares Mel Rusu Amancio, OECD’s Environmental Coordinator.

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50 000 trees planted in the Landes forest

In partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, Reforest’Action planted 50.000 trees in the Landes forest in May, with the help of RENT-A-CAR and its co-workers.

7 years after Klaus – the storm that destroyed 220.000 acres of the Landes -almost half of the area is still to be replanted. The effort to be made is huge and every enterprise, which contributes to the rebuilding of this emblematic forest, is precious.

Engagement collaborateurs RSE

With this in mind, Reforest’Action decided to plant again 50.000 trees, beginning of May. This reforestation was carried out in association with Arbor day foundation and financed by Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Action RSE

On May 3rd, under a dark sea of clouds, around ten Enterprise Rent-a-Car collaborators came to plant trees in Moutsey (in the Landes region). They helped plant part of the 50.000 trees along with the Reforest’Action team and some local forest rangers.

RSE environnement

Equipped with spades and digging sticks, our one-shot planters were able to put in the ground several thousands of Maritime Pines, Oaks and Birches.

Team Building Nature

Because they were planted at the edge of the plot, Oaks and Birches are a type of essence, which will help reduce disease spreading. Also, they will allow diminishing the impact of future storms…

Hurray to all the planters for their energy and enthusiasm!

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