About ReforestAction


We are reforestation specialists

Reforest'Action is a French based Social Company created in 2010 by Stéphane Hallaire, a passionate about the environment and social development. Our unique goal is to plant trees in Countries where reforestation has a significant impact on the environment, social development and biodiversity. 

Since the beginning of this great adventure, we have planted more than 1 million trees around the world, improve life conditions for  20 000 people in developing Countries and promote reforestation towards 100 000 individuals and 1000 Companies.


A unique approach

What's important to us is to have a positive approach to reforestation. Of course, we keep in mind that 10 000 trees disapear every minute in the world and it's the cause of 20% of the global greenhouse emissions.  However, to plant as many trees as possible, we are convinced that individuals and Businesses will take part of our action if planting a tree is a psitive action.


Become a Reforest'Actor

There are so many ways to be a tree planter! Plant a tree online or simply share this website on Facebook or Twitter. You can also talk to your boss so your Company start planting trees today!