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Regenerative projects to restore Sumatra's mangroves

Reforest'Action's involvement in Indonesia dates back to 2017. With the aim of restoring and extending the native mangrove on the island of Sumatra in order to protect its coastline and secure the economic activities linked to it, a sustainable partnership was established that year with the local NGO Yagasu. Since the autumn of 2021, Reforest'Action has extended its range of activities by financing a second mangrove restoration project in Sumatra, designed to last three years and carried out by the NGO Yakopi.

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Project design in Vitiforestry: Techniques enriched by stakeholder relationships. Four questions to Pierre Hermans, Director of the Research Department, Reforest'Action

Pierre Hermans shares with us his rich experience in vitiforestry - the practice of applying agroforestry techniques to vineyard plots. Implementing them requires adaptation to local contexts and the issues encountered on the territory. Our expert explains how he builds the project design in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

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Reading tip : Hervé Le Bouler, Forêts. Des racines et des hommes, Delachaux et Niestlé, 2022.

Thanks to his love of life and scientific expertise, Hervé Le Bouler encourages us to learn more about the complex system of forests - a world of plants, animals, and people. "Forêts. Des racines et des hommes" serves as a sensitive and personal account that invites us to understand, as the pages turn, the history of forest ecosystems and what is happening there now. This effort helps us to imagine and accompany the change, helped by the optimistic advice of the author.

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Forest ecosystem restoration: a quality solution to support your Net Zero trajectory

More and more companies implement Net Zero trajectories based on standards such as the Net Zero Initiative or the SBTi. There are solutions in favor of the restoration of forest ecosystems that support these strategies - generating impacts that go far beyond carbon management alone. At Reforest'Action, financing carbon projects is essential for achieving global carbon neutrality. However, it should not be an end in itself. Indeed, adequate financing must take a broader view. It must include promoting and preserving biodiversity and allowing the development of benefits for local populations.

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Annette en mission d'audit au Mexique pour Reforest'Action

Mexico: the circular bioeconomy to restore the land of the jaguar

In the state of Campeche in Mexico, intensive livestock breeding and oil palm cultivation have replaced the ancestral production of "dye wood". The "Land of the Jaguar" natural ecosystems are true nuggets of biodiversity and are full of endemic species that must be protected, just like the legendary feline. Annette, Regional Coordinator for Reforest'Action, went to meet Juan-Carlos, who is in charge of the project we are financing. Discover the backstory of an innovative concept, combining circular bioeconomy and conservation of natural areas of inestimable value.

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Northern Peru: agroforestry to revive the Pachamama

In northern Peru, deforestation and natural disasters have weakened Mother Earth, goddess of the Inca descendants, the Kichwas. Due to the lack of fertility, local farmers abandoned their lands, which have been falling into ruin for almost twenty years. Barely eighteen months after its launch, the project developed by Reforest'Action and the Center of Innovation and Management for Sustainable Development (CIGDES) has already planted more than 600,000 trees through the installation of agroforestry systems designed to restore the fertile land.

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Reforest'Action becomes official endorser of the New York Declaration on Forests

Adopted in 2014 and revised in 2021, the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) is a global political text calling for international action to protect and restore forests by 2030 through 10 goals. Subject to an annual progress review, the Declaration is supported by nearly 200 governments, businesses, NGOs and indigenous communities. In 2022, Reforest'Action became an official endorser of the NYDF.

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Participants of the participatory planting

European youth get involved for the forest in Reims

On Saturday, November 26, young French and European citizens gathered to plant 500 trees in a residential area of the city of Reims in Champagne-Ardenne. Together, they contributed to the creation of an urban forest that will provide significant socio-environmental benefits. Illustrating their commitment to a more ecological future, they became ambassadors of the European Year of Youth for one afternoon.

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Fertilising trees are renewing agroforestry practices in Togo

As in the majority of African countries, Togo’s demography involves the intensive use of land through agricultural practices to be developed. An age-old form of agroforestry, using fertilising trees such as the mysterious Samanea Saman, is one solution to counter the devastating effects of monocultures and climate change. Working together with the APAF association for the promotion of fertilising trees, agroforestry and forestry, 700,000 trees were planted in 2020 in 57 villages in the Wawa prefecture.

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The regenerated mangrove of Sumatra

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, mangroves are a source of life, natural resources and economic activity for local communities. Threatened by industrial palm oil production, intensive aquaculture and charcoal exports, this forest ecosystem between land and sea is disappearing. To restore the mangrove in North Sumatra and allow it to once again realise its wide range of environmental and socio-economic benefits, Reforest'Action is funding two regenerative projects that will have helped to reconstitute nearly 900 hectares of mangrove since 2017 and by 2024. Discover the report of our mission in the field, meeting our project leaders and the people who contribute to them on a daily basis.

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