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Our partner plants trees with us for Earthday

22/04/2015 - Nicolas de Reforest'Action


EarthDay - Paul Mitchell - trees

Today is Earth Day. To celebrate this worldwide event, Paul Mitchell asks you to act for the planet with Reforest’Action. Your mission: click on the link on the @PaullMitchellUS tweets mentioning #GreenTakeover and plant a FREE tree on www.reforestaction.com. Once you've planted, retweet @PaullMitchellUS #GreenTakeover and ask your followers to plant their free tree too! It’s easy, quick and really cool.

Celebrate Earth Day with us! https://t.co/JJAvBYjyYn #GreenTakeover #EarthDay pic.twitter.com/okbS1mYHa3 — Paul Mitchell (@PaulMitchellUS) 22 Avril 2015


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