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One House is Shaded on the Collective Tree Lot

28/11/2010 - stephane stephane

Collecitve Tree lot - trees - reforestation

Reforest 'Action is making real progress: one house is shaded on the collective tree lot.

This is particularly important because in Senegal, the temperature soars to 40° C (104°F) most days of the year. Without shade in the villages, the temperature becomes unbearable and outdoor activity is limited. The shade trees planted in Senegal are Flamboyants, large majestic trees with red leaves that adorn the villages. The Flamboyant Tree is a playground for children and its shadow provides a perfect spot for women to prepare a meal or have a chat with a neighbor. Bravo and thanks all of you, reforest 'actors, who have have made this possible.

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