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Peru: 5000 new seeds sowed in nursery

27/01/2015 - Nicolas de Reforest'Action


Peru - reforestation - Seeds

In Tarapoto nursery (San Martin region), 5000 new seeds of Maya nut tree were sowed last month. Those future young trees will be picked out on the field in the coming months.  Thanks to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree  support, 180 000 Maya nut trees will be planted by Reforest’Action in Peru by 2016. In order to reach this objective, communities are committed with our local partner,  the URKU Institute, to regularly collect seeds at the bottom of the trees.

In Tarapoto nursery, 5000 new seeds were sowed last December. Each seed was carefully put in small plots of clay. Meanwhile, 650 others saplings were managed by local communities.  In addition, the building of Yaku Armhole community nursery was completed. It will host future new baby trees.

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