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Some news from the Peru projet

30/04/2015 - Nicolas de Reforest'Action


Peru - Nurseries - trees

Thanks to Paul Mitchell support, 60.000 trees are planted yearly in our reforestation project in Amazonian-Peru in the frame of a three-year planting project. Tree nurseries currently prepare the last trees so as to reach the annual planting goal.  The first year of our tree-year reforestation project in Peru is close to home stretch. Local communities are currently preparing the last trees to be planted in order to reach the objective of 60.000 trees planted. On that purpose, two nurseries were built last month in the native communities of Yaku Sisa and San Juan de Miraflores.

Those two communities also collected new Maya Nut seeds.

They then prepared 10.500 seedbeds bags filled by soil and Maya Nut seeds. After germination, those baby trees will be carefully monitored before being picked out on the field in a few months.

Other communities like those of Kawana Sisa and Chirik Sacha in San Jose de Sisa focused on managing more than 6000 saplings in existing nurseries. In addition, 2700 young trees were distributed to communities around Tarapoto.

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