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As a strategic aspect of Reforest'Action's international development, our global network of Project Officers allows us to deploy our expertise as close as possible to the areas where we operate and to our local project leaders. Based in Rio Claro, Brazil, our Project Officer Flavia Florido is in charge of monitoring Reforest'Action projects in South America and searching for new projects. Interview.

07/04/2023 - Inès de Reforest'Action


Interview - Project Officer - Brazil

Her commitment to the environment...

I believe we, as human beings, have dissociated ourselves from natural cycles until no longer understanding us as part of nature. Raising the environmental issue is a reminder of reconnection and respect for ourselves and what is beyond humanity.

Her background before Reforest'Action... 

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biotechnology and Forestry, as well as a Master's degree in Forest Resources focusing on forest restoration in degraded pastures and competition from invasive grasses to tree seedlings. I was then able to use my acquired skills in the same field by working as a coordinator of high diversity and large scale restoration operations in different ecosystems such as Amazonian forest, Cerrado (Brazilian tropical savannah) and dry and semi-dry forests. 

Her missions and responsibilities for Reforest'Action...

As Project Officer for Reforest'Action, my role consists of researching, developing and monitoring forestry and carbon projects that need financing. I also conduct annual field audits and impact assessments of projects funded by Reforest'Action. I act as the link between Reforest'Action and the project leaders and ensure the proper conduct of activities in the field on a daily basis. 

Her vision of forests in South America...

Brazil presents a scenario of deforestation caused by anthropic actions throughout its extension. The Atlantic forest currently has less than 11% of its original remnants, the agricultural pressure on the Cerrado (tropical savanna in Brazil) and Pantanal (tropical wetland in Brazil) areas is increasing, and the deforestation arc is advancing on the Amazon forest. The political panel of the last years was not favorable to the reversal of this reality and encouraged illegal practices from the environmental point of view, increasing the deforestation rate in the whole country.

The forestry projects for which she is responsible...

I am in charge of monitoring the ReforesTerra project in Baixo Rio Jamari, a watershed in the southern region of the Amazon rainforest, in the state of Rondônia, Brazil. This project aims to restore 2,000 hectares by engaging and generating income for small farmers. It helps generate social benefits for local landowners through job creation, property law compliance, and the creation of payments for environmental services. Environmental benefits will also be generated through this project such as preservation of biodiversity and environmental resources through increased forest cover, conservation of native species, protection of wildlife and water resources, and climate change mitigation through sequestration of 367 tCO2e/ha over 30 years, with the generation of VCS + CCB certified carbon credits.   

Her goals for the coming year...

I hope to contribute to several audits and due diligence missions within the geographical area I am in charge of, and to successfully select new projects financed by Reforest'Action. In addition, I will continue to follow the activities around the ReforesTerra project.

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