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In the Peruvian region of San Martin, Reforest'Action is restoring the Amazonian forest. Orlando Amacifuén is participating in our reforestation project. Discover his testimonial in video!

Reforest'Action in Peru: hope for the Amazon

22/11/2017 - Anne-Lise de Reforest'Action


Peru - Amazon - San Martin - reforestation - forests

Between July 2016 and August 2017, 6624 km2 of forests were destroyed in the Amazon. If nothing changes, the Peruvian region of San Martin could lose most of its forests by 2050, and with them the natural foundations the province needs to ensure the well-being of its people.

Facing the urgency of the situation, Reforest'Action is planting trees alongside the Urku Institute and local people to enable its inhabitants to reap the benefits.

In San Martin, the Mushuk Runa cooperative is taking part in our reforestation project, which aims to restore part of the Amazonian forest, partly located in the Cordillera Escalera conservation area, by planting trees of various species that will bring many benefits to local communities: Maya nuts, capironas, cedralas, guapuruvus... All species considered endangered according to the IUCN Red List, and whose preservation is essential.

Orlando Amacifuén, representative of the Ishichiwi, explains how the trees planted with Reforest'Action have changed his life and that of his community!

You can plant trees in Peru and participate in the restoration of the Amazonian forest by clicking here!

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