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22/04/2014 - Nicolas de Reforest'Action

Paul Mitchell - reforestation - trees

Reforest’Action is very happy to celebrate Earth Day by announcing a 3-year tree planting partnership with John Paul Mitchell Systems. More than 300 000 trees will be planted in Peru and Guatemala with the participation of Tea Tree enthusiasts. Through this new initiative, JPMS will plant 500 000 trees by the end of 2016. Positive impacts of Maya Nut Trees planting on the field will be numerous:

-        Sequestration of more than 85 000 tons of CO2 (over 30 years)

-        Restoration of seriously deforested ecosystems

-        Development of local biodiversity

-        Revenues for indigenous communities who will plant and own trees

-        Strengthening of food security for both populations and livestock

Maya Nut Tree is one the biggest tree of American tropical forest. Its leaves can also be used as medicinal treatments. With this new partnership, Reforest’Action significantly extends his global field of action. These new projects in Peruvian Amazonia and Guatemala complete those in Senegal, India, Northern Peru and France where 300 000 have been planted since 2010. « Our action gets bigger worldwide thanks to JPMS partnership, we are very proud of it », Stéphane Hallaire, CEO of Reforest’Action, says. « Our model is unique: we do not propose to top management to only finance an environmental cause. Reforest’Action enables each business to give birth to a forest with its employees and clients in a very federative way ». In terms of reforestation, JPMS is not a beginner. The American company has already planted several hundred of thousands trees in United States and Peru. Through this new initiative with Reforest’Action, JPMS will plant 500 000 trees by the end of 2016. Beyond fight against deforestation, JPMS supports other causes like seashores protection. The California-based business also takes the commitment not to test its products on animals. By partnering with Reforest’Action, JPMS joins the campaign “1000 businesses for 1 million trees”.

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