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Again, economical benefits

23/11/2010 - stephane stephane

Economical - reforestation - Development

Community Nature Reserves (CNR) were created 7 years ago by the Minister of the Environment of Senegal with the support of the United Nations to protect the country's national parks (PGIES program). Since their existence, they have demonstrated tangible benefits for biodiversity and the environment.  There is a social aspect to the project as well because micro-loans are available. Because of the micro-loans, the villagers can acquire livestock or plant new crops and improve their income.   With the CNR in Koar for example, loans are dispensed at a rate of 10% (which is very low for the region) and with the profits, buys grains to help the villagers get through the rainy season. There is a page on Reforest 'Action's website that details how a CNR functions.

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