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12/06/2015 - Nicolas de Reforest'Action


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Sowed in the last few months, thousands of Maya Nut seeds have now germinated in nurseries. Local communities carefully manage these trees before planting them out in the field. They are the last trees managed for the 1st year of our three-year reforestation program in Amazonian Peru financed by Paul Mitchell. After germination, a seed needs several months to become a nice sapling ready to be planted out on the field. It’s the time of nature. During this period, the baby tree will develop its roots system that is essential for its feeding and hydration.

Therefore, managing baby trees is a key step in a reforestation project. Healthy saplings are likely to easily take roots once pricked out. That’s why communities of Yaku Sisa and San Juan de Miraflores currently closely monitor the development of the saplings. The stem of thousands seeds now emerged from the soil of seed bags and the first leaves appear. It’s a tireless and amazing spectacle!  

These young trees are the last of the 1st year of our three-year program in Amazonian Peru financed by Paul Mitchell. They will be planted in the field in the coming months so as to reach 60.000 trees planted during the 2014/15 reforestation campaign.

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