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Pierre Hermans : "The European forest is multifunctional by nature"

Although European forests do not face the same challenges as tropical forests do, they are nonetheless affected by degradation phenomena, caused, in particular, by climate change. What roles do European forests play in our lives and what challenges do they face? Why do they need to be restored to ensure their sustainability and multifunctionality ? Pierre Hermans, consultant and specialist in European projects for Reforest'Action, shares his expertise and reminds us that the continuous search for forest balance is what makes his job so interesting.

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Ecosystem restoration is essential for the climate and biodiversity

A scientific study published in October 2020 in the Nature journal revealed that restoration of areas damaged by industrial or agricultural exploitation could be far more effective than expected in combating global warming and biodiversity loss. However, ecosystem restoration currently receives only 1% of the funding dedicated to the global climate challenge. This key study was launched in anticipation of 2021, the first year of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

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Forest Revival After a Fire and the Impact of Climate Change

In the past few months, large-scale forest fires have made headlines, particularly in the Amazon and Siberia, as well as more recently in California. Climate change is causing dry spells and heat waves to intensify, resulting in massive fires that devastate both the environment and local populations. We asked our Forestry Project Managers a few questions to better understand what is the best strategy to adopt to promote forest regeneration after such events.

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10 Years of Reforestation Promoting Mixed Forests

Monday 21 September is the International Day Against Monoculture Tree Plantations. Reforest’Action takes this day as an opportunity to reassert its advocacy for forests rich in a diversity of species. For 10 years, we have been working to restore, preserve and plant forests, with an average of 5 species planted or regenerated per project. A total of 260 different species have been planted by Reforest’Actors in the 10 years since Reforest’Action came into being!

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Reforest’Action Supports Biodiversity Through the Creation of an Old-Growth Forest in Europe with Francis Hallé

Despite a growing collective awareness, the world’s virgin forests continue to fall victim to heavy deforestation in the tropics. They have all but disappeared in Europe. Confronted with this global emergency, botanist Francis Hallé launched an ambitious project to re-establish a large old-growth forest in Western Europe, with the support of Reforest’Action.

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What if Ecosystem Restoration Were Possible Without Planting?

Forests can be restored without planting using the Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) technique, which is inspired by the dynamics observed in natural forests. As part of a sustainable and gentle forest management approach, ANR meets the goal of multifunctional forest ecosystems, to reconcile their socio-economic (employment, leisure, well-being, etc.) and environmental (carbon storage, biodiversity, etc.) benefits.

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Destruction of Ecosystems Favours the Rise of New Diseases and Pandemics

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many experts have warned of the need to reduce the pressure exerted by human activities on biodiversity, which is believed to be behind the emergence of many diseases.

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Silvotherapy and the Awakening Ecological Consciousness

To celebrate Forest Month, we invited our partner Florence Karras, a silvotherapy practitioner and the founder of Canopsia, to give us her perspective on silvotherapy. Learn about her unique approach to this ancestral practice, which advocates reconnecting with Mother Nature and highlights the health benefits of forests

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Conserving and Restoring Biodiversity in Forests

It is becoming increasingly necessary to preserve animal biodiversity in forests. However, finding a solution that makes an impact on all species, and not just one to the detriment of another, can be problematic. This is made all the more difficult by the fact that the vast majority of species on Earth remain unknown to us! While there are 1.7 million recorded animal species worldwide, scientists estimate that between 3 and 100 million species have yet to be discovered. So what solutions can be deployed?

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Diversity of Life Supporting the Ecological Balance of Forests

What is at stake in terms of preserving the diversity of life in our forests? If this depends on the fragile equilibrium of forest ecosystems, the loss of a single species causes upheavals across its entire environment. Biodiversity preservation and ecosystem conservation are therefore closely linked.

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