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Help the RENASCEDD to reforest Guinea-Conakry!
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Project benefits

  • Climate {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.climat | numberFormatting }} ton(s) of CO2 stored

  • Biodiversity {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.biodiversity | numberFormatting }} shelter(s) for animals created

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  • Employment {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.employment | numberFormatting }} hour(s) of work created

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Project description

Help the RENASCEDD to reforest Guinea-Conakry!

The project at a glance

  • Number of trees to plant: 18,000
  • Species planted: acacia senegal, leucena, acacia mangium, mango tree, orange tree, avocado tree, cashew tree, gmelia, mangroves
  • Type of project: reforestation of fallow community land
  • Date of the plantation: between June and August 2019


Guinea is now experiencing increasing environmental degradation, a situation that is all the more worrying as it is progressing at a worrying and disproportionate rate compared to the restoration activities in degraded areas. Traditional agriculture, artisanal salt mining, fish smoking, bush fires, mining, timber trade, agricultural land clearing, handicrafts, timber and service industries, brick making and firing, overgrazing due to pastoral nomadism and population explosion are the main causes of deforestation in rural areas. Environmental degradation is a real threat to present and future generations.

The project combines a wide variety of species selected according to the soil and climate conditions of the area and the needs of the populations. For this reason, fruit trees (mango trees, avocado trees, papaya trees, etc.) are mixed with species such as acacia or gmélia, which are used as lumber or firewood. These fast-growing species make it possible to provide communities with a sustainably managed resource and thus avoid deforestation. The objective is to set up real "forest gardens" that are both useful to man and the environment.

In parallel with the planting activity, RENASCEDD in collaboration with agricultural schools and the technical and environmental department offers training to beneficiaries. These trainings empower these communities in their development.

RENASCEDD is a Non-Governmental Organization created in 2016 by Guineans who wish to fight for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. In addition to their reforestation projects, they are carrying out actions throughout the country to raise awareness among communities of the importance of preserving the environment. An important territorial network that gives them national and local legitimacy. They base their projects on a preliminary study of the needs of the populations and on a co-construction with the affected communities. As a result, 115 people have been identified to participate in the project, which aims to plant 168,000 trees in 4 districts over the next 4 years.

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