Carbon credits from forestry projects

promoting forest multifunctionality for the climate, biodiversity and local communities.

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Hit your short-term carbon targets

We can offer - alongside emission reduction actions in your core business - to contribute to your forest preservation projects (REDD+) via carbon credits from already certified projects.

We handle register enrollment and support you in promoting your commitment using appropriate communication tools.

Added-value of nature-based solutions

These projects not only contribute to addressing the major societal issues of climate, but also biodiversity and human wellbeing. In addition, they are essential for sustainable economic development. It’s only possible for nature to provide sustainable resources through healthy ecosystems.

Buying carbon credits from nature-based projects goes above and beyond the objectives of global carbon neutrality by creating added environmental and societal value.

Reforest'Action’s commitment


REDD+ projects (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) in many world regions: South America, Asia, Africa.


Projects go above and beyond carbon impact and promote forest multifunctionality. They focus on biodiversity and local communities and benefit - mainly - from additional CCB (Climate, Community and Biodiversity) or SD Vista certification labels.


Projects are certified by strict and internationally recognized standards that are in line with SBTI and Net Zero Initiative approaches. In addition, Reforest'Action submits projects to a selection and verification process to guarantee their legitimacy.


Because communication is a major challenge in your Climate plan, Reforest'Action helps you communicate in a fair and responsible way to promote your project.

Certifications and labels

All our projects are rigorously selected in accordance with best international practices.

Sustainable Development Objectives
Projects aligned with UN-defined sustainable development objectives.
Verified Carbon Standard
One of the most recognized international standards, VCS certifies that carbon credits comply with essential quality criteria (additionality, measurability, etc.).
Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standard
Standard that certifies that land use produces both real and significant benefits for the climate, biodiversity and local communities.
Standard that certifies criteria for implementing and evaluating projects that aim to produce high-impact benefits in terms of sustainable development.

What is a REDD+ project?

A Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation project.