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Thanks for your Reforest'Action ! You have planted 20 trees.

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Philippe Habigand Karefil

has planted 20 trees in Chevry-Cossigny
the 18 June 2018

Benefits generated
  • Climate3 tons of CO2 stored

  • Biodiversity 60 shelter(s) for animals created

  • Health80 month(s) of oxygen generated

  • Employment20 hour(s) of work created

You have chosen to support the project Chevry-Cossigny

Project Chevry-Cossigny

10853 planted trees

Reforest'Action and its partner, the Forest Committee, invite you to revitalize a degraded stand in Seine et Marne !

Benefits of your forest:

  • Climate 3 tons of CO2 stored

  • Biodiversity 60 shelters for animals created

  • Health 80 months of oxygen generated

  • Employment 20 hour(s) of work created