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Thanks for your Reforest'Action ! You have planted 42 trees.

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Philippe Habigand Karefil

has planted 42 trees in Broindon
on October 05 2020

Benefits generated
  • Climate6 tons of CO2 stored

  • Biodiversity 126 shelter(s) for animals created

  • Health168 month(s) of oxygen generated

  • Employment42 hour(s) of work created

You have chosen to support the project Broindon

Project Broindon

4070 planted trees

Reforest'Action and the National Forest Office invite you to reforest this dying plot of land!

Benefits of your forest:

  • Climate 6 tons of CO2 stored

  • Biodiversity 126 shelters for animals created

  • Health 168 months of oxygen generated

  • Employment 42 hour(s) of work created