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Reforest'Action works in collaboration with Haie Magique associaiton to plant in several colleges of Ile-de-France!
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A tree = $3.00 tax inclusive

Collèges d’Ile de France

20 trees planted

Project benefits

  • Climate 20 000 km by car offsetted

  • Biodiversity 60 shelters for animals created

  • Health 80 months of oxygen generated

  • Employment 20 hour(s) of work created

They take part to the plantation

Number of Reforest'actors : 5

Project description

These are several tree plantations that promote social ties, education and the environment. The operation will make it possible to develop future urban forests!

The project in a blink

  • Number of trees to be planted : about 1000 
  • Project area : depending of the project
  • Species : various and local
  • Type of project : plantation in schools


The Haie Magique association is convinced that in cities, a few square meters is enough to plant a hedgerow hedge, a dense plant formation composed of trees, shrubs and perennial plants, quickly constituting a balanced ecosystem, resilient, welcoming for biodiversity. Reforest' Action supports this initiative by offering a way to support them during these operations, with tree financement.

The plantations will be carried out at the heart of several colleges in Ile-de-France creating a collaborative event with students around an element with multiple stakes, the tree. Planted within the other plant strata of shrubs, perennials and grassy stripes, trees will be able to grow and create a small urban forest. A great multitude of local species will allow the development of a varied fauna. 

Finally, Haie Magique trains young people and those responsible for the maintenance of plantations. Differentiated plant management practices, gentle maintenance outside of breeding periods, ensure that the project and its future biodiversity will flourish and have a sustainable future.