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Thanks to a reasoned and pragmatic approach, directly linked to the realities of the field and agricultural systems, our solution for creating customised agroforestry projects enables you to secure your supply chains by helping to adapt them and make them more resistant to hazards and climate change.


Why integrate agroforestry into your value chain?

In tropical or temperate zones, planting trees on agricultural land that produces raw materials enables you to contribute to the preservation of natural ecosystems and their biodiversity.


What is agroforestry?

Agroforestry is the practice of integrating trees and shrubs into agricultural plots to improve soil quality, limit soil erosion and develop biodiversity, while making agriculture more sustainable and ecosystem friendly. In tropical areas, this system also makes it possible to diversify the products harvested and to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions of farmers.



Benefits for the company and the environment

Regeneration of ecosystems

Preservation of biodiversity

Securing the raw material channels

Tackling climate change

Social and economic benefits

Create your own agroforestry system, adapted to your needs


Integrate trees into your company's agricultural plots

Your company has privately owned agricultural land that supplies it with raw materials. We plant trees or create hedgerows on your plots.

Your crops benefit from the nutritional, protective cover and environmental benefits of trees. The agroforestry system generates multiple benefits for the local natural ecosystem and helps to develop biodiversity.


Create an agroforestry system at the heart of your sector

Your company depends on a supply chain for its raw materials.

We create an agroforestry project within your supply chain, or you finance an existing project within which you can source and develop a more sustainable supply chain.

You improve the environmental impact of your value chain and contribute to securing your supply chain by taking into account the impact of climate change on it.


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Reforest'Action takes care of the preliminary study, technical engineering, field planting and maintenance of the agroforestry system created in conjunction with its technical partners.