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Does your company wish to act in favour of forests? Finance projects proposed by Reforest'Action and contribute to strengthening their social, economic and environmental benefits.


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Because the benefits of reforestation are complementary depending on the geographical area, Reforest'Action selects quality projects all over the world. The reforestation projects proposed can be of different kinds: restoration of degraded or deforested plots, assisted natural regeneration of forests, creation of diversified forests or agroforestry and hedgerow projects.

All projects are carried out in a collaborative approach with local project leaders, on a human scale.


The main threat in temperate zones is forest degradation linked to global warming (leading to droughts, fires, storms) and diseases or insect attacks, which lead to a decrease in the ecosystem services provided by forests. The projects selected in these areas contribute to the sustainable development of the adaptation and resilience of forests to hazards and climate change, and to enhancing their social, economic and environmental benefits.

IN TROPICAL ZONES (South America, Africa, Asia)

In tropical areas, it is deforestation that weighs on the forests and contributes to climate change. The projects selected in these areas contribute to the restoration of forests and the development of agricultural practices that are more respectful of forest ecosystems. These projects integrate local communities and have a positive impact on their socio-economic development and contribute to the fight against deforestation.

Our projects generate numerous benefits

In addition to carbon storage and the preservation of biodiversity, the supported projects generate multiple social, economic and environmental benefits.

Carbon storage and fight against global warming

Preservation and development of biodiversity

Protection of land from natural hazards

Regulation of the water cycle and fight against soil erosion

Production of food and energy resources


Integration and training of local communities

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How does it work?

We accompany you from A to Z to build together a customized project in 4 steps:

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Mobilization of your stakeholders

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