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Celebrating a corporate event, carbon offsetting, launching of a Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility action: the opportunities to plant a forest as close as possible to your clients and collaborators are legion. Reforest'Action makes it possible for you to sponsor the birth or restoration of a forest in your area and to enhance this commitment with your stakeholders.

WHY SPONSOR A FOREST?Forêt parrainée

One hectare of forest provides each year in France 1000 € of environmental services to society. Air filtration and pollution control, CO2 storage, water purification or protection against natural disasters, there is a lot of daily ecological services provided by forests to your company and stakeholders. They contribute to the growth of your business and are the natural capital of your firm.
Planting trees with Reforest'Action enables you to :

  • restore the environment of your area or of an inter tropical zone
  • federate your collaborators by involving them into a CSER approach
  • gain visibility thanks to local media coverage and our communication follow through



1/  You get in touch with us and tell us :

  • the number of trees that you wish to plant (no less than 2000 trees) ;
  • the area where you wish to get a project submitted for planting trees (France, Spain, Senegal, Peru, Haiti, United States or next to your firm).

2/   You plant your forest :

  • on our digital platform, thanks to our unique model of crowdplanting.

3/   We assess the impact of your action :Objectifs de Développement Durable

  • on biodiversity, climate, health and employment within the page dedicated to your company on our website ;
  • on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in a personnalised report that we'll send you at the end of the operation.






To sponsor a project, get in touch with us by clicking on the button below. And keep a close eye on your telephone, we'll soon call you back!