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We are always looking for new planting projects in Africa, South America, Asia or Oceania. Are you an NGO, an association or a social enterprise? Submit your reforestation project to us, we will study it as soon as possible.


Why choose Reforest'Action?

Reforest'Action is the specialist in fundraising for the forest. Thanks to our unique participatory reforestation system, Internet users can choose to support your project on our website, by defining the number of trees they wish to finance. Once their trees are planted online, we send them a planting certificate that they can share on social networks. This increases the visibility of your project. You can focus exclusively on managing your project in the field!



How are projects selected?

Eligibility of projects

Internationally, our specifications are based on fundamental principles that make it possible to develop ecosystem services over the long term. To be eligible, any project submitted must meet certain conditions, and in particular the diversity of species planted.

We finance different types of projects:
- Restoration of forest plots affected by biotic or abiotic hazards (fires, felling, droughts...)
- Conversion of agricultural systems into agroforestry systems
- Restoration of forests located in protected areas
- Creation of carbon-labelled projects

Project funding

For each selected project, Reforest'Action can finance the following activities:
- Training and remuneration of local technicians
- Setting up tree nurseries
- Purchase of seeds or plants
- Purchase of planting material
- Transport of plants and planting teams
- Raising awareness of local communities

The funds provided by Reforest'Action to project leaders are collected from companies and individuals who wish to take concrete action for the environment.


Submit your project

Project leaders, submit your projects now! If your project is eligible, we will respond within one month. Complete our online form and for any questions, contact our team at  internationalprojects[@]reforestaction.com.