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I reduce my footprint on the forest and the climate

Planting trees of various species to reforest the planet's forests is a vital issue in the fight against climate change and to restore biodiversity. At the same time, we must all act upstream by reducing our forest footprint to help limit global deforestation, which is partly responsible for global warming. Reducing our carbon footprint is also necessary, not least because climate change in turn affects the health of forests in a sustainable way.

How can we reduce our forest footprint? Discover our eco-gestures through our summary sheets.


I make my family and friends aware of the challenges and benefits of forests.

Forests are allies of humanity. They are indispensable in the preservation of social and ecological balances and provide us with many invaluable services every day. They play a major role in climate and biodiversity, but also in socio-economic development. However, their benefits are often little-known! It is essential to be aware of the services provided by forests and to understand the threats they face in order to realise the importance of protecting and restoring them.

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