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At Inetum, we care about the environment and are committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible company. That is why we joined Reforest’Action to act for real as part of an eco-friendly programme to replant forests around the world. With Reforest’Action, we give each new employee the chance to plant a tree in the country of their choice. This tree will grow to symbolise also the employee’s career within the Group – a positive journey that we hope we will continue for years to come.




Chez Inetum, nous sommes soucieux de l'environnement et nous nous engageons à être une entreprise responsable sur le plan social et environnemental. C’est pourquoi, nous avons rejoint le programme Reforest’Action pour agir concrètement en faveur de la reforestation dans le monde dans une démarche écoresponsable. Avec Reforest’Action, nous proposons ainsi à chaque nouveau collaborateur de planter un arbre dans le pays de son choix. Cet arbre appelé à grandir symbolise également le parcours de carrière du collaborateur dans le Groupe, parcours que nous souhaitons pérenne et positif. 


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Number of Reforest'actors :1273


Nous sommes une ESN agile et un groupe international. A l'ère de la post-transformation digitale, nous mettons tout en œuvre pour que chacun de nos 27 000 collaborateurs puisse se renouveler perpétuellement, en vivant positivement son propre flow digital.

News from the field

Peru: socio-economic impacts of a project started 8 years agoInitiated in 2015, the project developed in the Peruvian region of San Martín, and led in the field by the Urku Centre, is the first project financed by Reforest'Action at the very heart of the Amazon

A landmark project for Reforest'Action Historically located around the city of Tarapoto, in the Cordillera Escalera Conservation Area, the project has expanded over the years to encompass three northeastern regions in Peru: San Martín, Loreto and Ucayali.  Anchored in the upper Amazon, th

Northern Peru: agroforestry to revive the PachamamaIn northern Peru, deforestation and natural disasters have weakened Mother Earth, goddess of the Inca descendants, the Kichwas. Due to the lack of fertility, local farmers abandoned their lands, which

The Peruvian Mother Earth is mourning for her fertility​  Located northeast of Peru, in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, the San Martín department is one of the twenty-four state divisions. Covering more than five million hectares, its once fertile lands have been converted into crops a

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