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Avec le programme Kiabi Human, Kiabi s’engage depuis 2019 vers une mode plus responsable, en développant notamment des gammes éco-conçues et en proposant un site de vente de seconde main. Aujourd’hui, Kiabi fait un pas de plus en associant son Livret Bébé à la reforestation. A chaque fois qu’une maman ouvre un livret pour son enfant, 1 arbre est planté par Reforest’Action. Objectif : 980000 arbres plantés depuis 2019 




With the Kiabi Human program, since 2019 Kiabi commits to a more responsible fashion, especially by developing eco-designed ranges and by offering a second-hand website. Today, Kiabi is going one step further by associating his Baby Booklet with reforestation. Each time a mother opens a booklet for her child, 1 tree is planted by Reforest’Action. Our goal : 500,000 trees planted in 2021.

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KIABI révolutionne le prêt-à-porter en lançant un concept de mode à petits prix pour toutes les familles, symbole d’un état d’esprit simple, universel et heureux de vivre. Conscient de l’empreinte environnementale de son activité, Kiabi affirme sa Responsabilité Sociétale : développement de gammes de produits éco-conçus, transparence sur sa chaîne d’approvisionnement, formation de ses équipes et parties prenantes aux impacts humains et environnementaux de son activité.


KIABI is revolutionizing the ready-to-wear by launching a low-price fashion concept for all the family, symbol of a simple, universal and happy to live state of mind. Aware of the environmental footprint of its activity, Kiabi claims its Social Responsibility : development of eco-designed ranges, transparency on its supply chain, raising awareness of the teams on the human and environmental impact of its activity.

News from the field

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Restoring forests in the Eastern Himalayas and developing agroforestry The Indian state of Assam is located at the eastern end of India, between Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. This eastern Himalayan region has lost 10% of its forest cover since the 2000s due to the increasing conversi

A promising future for the lands of Palencia!This major impulse initiated in 2017 with Sylva Nova to restore stands degraded by fires in the province of Palencia (Spain) is now gaining ground with a total of 202,009 trees planted in 5 years.

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