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As part of its environmentally sound activities, Lagardère Travel Retail Italia supports the global commitment to reduce the use of plastic, rewarding recyclable & reusable paper shopping bags, derived from managed and certified forests and contributing to the reforestation program thanks to the collaboration with Reforest’Action


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Lagardère Travel Retail and Reforest'Action thank you for your valuable contribution!

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  • Biodiversity {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.biodiversity | numberFormatting }} shelter(s) for animals created

  • Health {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.health | numberFormatting }} month(s) of oxygen generated

  • Employment {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.employment | numberFormatting }} hour(s) of work created

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Lagardère Travel Retail develops and provides optimal value propositions for landlords and is committed to become their partner of choice, operating in over 4.800 stores through Travel Essentials, Duty Free & Luxury and Foodservice in airports, railway stations and other facilities in 42 countries worldwide.

News from the field

News from our agroforestry and forest ecosystem restoration project in BrazilLaunched in 2019, this project funded by Reforest’Action seeks to fight deforestation, restore degraded ecosystems and develop edible forests in the heart of the Rondônia state.

The work that has been undertaken concerns two distinct areas:  Private plots where trees have been planted in agroforestry since 2019 A 260-hectare plot within the 90,000-hectare Rio Preto Jacundá protected reserve. The trees that have been introduced there since 2021 in order

Throwback to the 2021 planting season in GuineaIn Lower Guinea, within the Boffa area, located west of the country, the reforestation project within natural forests goes on, despite a difficult sanitary context.

Since the beginning of the planting season, 160 416 plants were produced within local nurseries by NGO RENASCEDD, Reforest’Action’s technical partner on the field, based in Conakry. An encouraging number, considering the COVID-19 crisis that has been raging for more than a year. In spite of the

Photos of the projects