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10 songs for the perfect forest walk


September is upon us... You don't want to go back to work? Good news: there is still time to turn around and escape into the forest. At Reforest'Action, we thought of you, in case you'd like the idea, and we created the appropriate playlist for your new wild life!

1) DEEP FOREST, Sing With the Birds

It is on! Our musical trip begins with Deep Forest, for a total sensory immersion in the heart of the primary forest, where mysterious birds are singing.

2) FAKEAR, Border Wood

Fakear has the unique power to reveal the music that is everywhere present in Nature. "Border Wood" makes us hear, with an extraordinary vitality, the rustling of leaves and the breath of the wind that irrigate the woods. The perfect song to take a nap in the shade of trees!

3) FOOLS GARDEN, Lemon Tree

Huge success of the 1990s, "Lemon Tree" by Fools Garden tells us about the absurdity of life through an ode to a particularly charismatic tree: the lemon tree.

4) DREAM KOALA, Tree House

Official song of tree huts, which oscillate with the wind at several meters above the ground, "Tree House" by Dream Koala gives us this sweet vertigo provided by dream & freedom.

5) THE CURE, A Forest

With "A Forest", The Cure sublimates the mysterious and psychedelic dimension of the forest. Listen to this song in the evening when you fall asleep in the shadows of the night forest.

6) MAZDE, Forest of Gold

Electro hovering of "Forest of Gold" by Mazde is a hymn to the forests of fall which are full of all the shades of gold. Autumn is coming!

7) POLO & PAN, Canopée

With a lot of poetry, Peter & Pan tell us about the story of a couple who would have found refuge in the canopy of a wild jungle, "two in the forest away from the evil spells" ... Listen to this song with your significant other if you decide not to run away on your own!

8) LEJ, Hanging Tree

To the vibrating sound of the cellos, the LEJ resume the theme of the rebels of the film "Hunger Games", in a twilight forest atmosphere.

9) THE BEATLES, Norwegian Woods

"Norwegian Woods", a mythical Beatles song, reminds us of the gentle melancholy of the forests of our childhood. For enchanted awakenings in the coolness of the woods.


And if you want to push your escape a little bit further than the forests of your homeland, Petit Biscuit offers you to take you to a jungle that shelters a thousand treasures of biodiversity: sleepy tigers, furtive snakes, multicolored birds, howler monkeys... You will be in good company!

See you soon for our next thematic playlist! ;)