Reforest’Action / 100,000 Reforest'Actors: the world's largest digital community of tree planters
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100,000 Reforest'Actors: the world's largest digital community of tree planters


For almost 10 years now, Reforest’Action is gathering private individuals and companies in a vast reforestation project in France and in the world. This unique participative plantation system has founded a real community of small and big planters, which has just welcomed its 100 000th Reforest’Actor.

Planting its forest, a concrete ecological action, accessible to everyone

For these private individuals, planting a forest represents a “simple and concrete action” to limit global warming: it allows, after having made the effort to reduce your carbon footprint on a daily basis, to offset emissions that cannot be avoided, as explains Aymeric, subscriber to Reforest’Action who plants every month. Because each and every one of our actions leaves a mark, impacts the climate, and the forest is the best solution to contain climate change.

The ecological benefits of tree plantations are plural, and essential: the forests purify air, make the quality of water better, protect from extreme temperatures and preserve biodiversity, which appears to 86% of French as a major issue. And all of this is possible within reach of a click!

An engagement with economic and social benefits

It also appears as a social solution, underlines Agathe, another faithful Reforest’Actress. On our international projects, the tree plantations, particularly in agroforestry, benefit to local economy, offering an additional source of income and food safety to the populations. In France, every planted and maintained tree will create one hour of work all life long. Furthermore, responsible collect and valorisation of wood form a sustainable and essential energy transition lever.

A small action that will become big

But for the Reforest’Actors, the tree is before all things / over all a symbol of life and love. Every face during a plantation in the field, like those we organised during the Forest Month, shows it. This is why every Reforest’Actor, tree lover since birth or recently green, is driven by the same desire: to leave a positive and sustainable mark on the world.

Because planting a tree is the best way to give a meaning to your life and to offer a bright future to your children… and to the Planet!

What if you planted your forest, too?