Reforest’Action / 1500 trees planted on the island of Vallevecchia near Venice
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1500 trees planted on the island of Vallevecchia near Venice


Planting trees along the beach, a few cables from Venice, to help protect the lagoon and develop biodiversity: this is the beautiful project we were able to carry out this month thanks to funding from our partner Carbon Footprint and their clients.

The island of Vallevecchia, where the plantation took place, is located between two wetlands very frequented by birds: Porto Baseleghe and Porto Falconera. Because of its very rich biodiversity, it is also classified as a Natura 2000 site, and recognised as a special protection area and a site of community importance by the European Union.

Junipers, narrow-leaved filaria, monogynous hawthorns, viorns: these carefully selected species are considered endangered according to the IUCN Red List. Their preservation is thus essential, and the 1500 plants which took roots this month will participate in their perpetuation.

These trees will also help protect the nearby lagoon by helping to maintain the soil and fighting against rising water levels.

No, Venice will not sink! ;)

Avant la plantation

Après la plantation