Reforest’Action / 30 000 trees to be planted in Haiti in 2015 thanks to Paul Mitchell
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30 000 trees to be planted in Haiti in 2015 thanks to Paul Mitchell


Thanks to Paul Mitchell support and the participation of its clients, Reforest’Action will plant 30 000 trees in Haiti in 2015. With only 2% of forest cover, Haiti is one of the most deforested areas in the world. In 1920, the forest carpeted still 60% of the surface of this Caribbean state.The main cause of this massive decline is the savage cuts of trees destined to be turned into charcoal, which is still the primary source of energy for the population.

In this context, Reforest'Action decided to plant 30 000 trees in 2015 in Haiti. Paul Mitchell supports this project with the participation of its clients who plant trees on Run on the field by different organizations including our partner, the Maya Nut Initiative, the project has several objectives. Environmentally first, the 30,000 trees will help to restore degraded soils and eroded watersheds. The socio-economic component of the project will eventually forming groups of women to the kitchen and the commercial development of products from trees (seeds and fruits). The educational component is reflected in turn by sensitizing 10,000 school students in the roles of trees and forests.
In practice, the trees will be planted in many different sites throughout Haiti belonging mainly to networks of schools. Because private, these plots will be preserved savage cuts, decisive prerequisite in the enormous effort to carry out reforestation. Three different species will be planted according to the method of permaculture: Maya nut tree, coffee tree and cocoa tree.
Little known in our latitudes, the Mayan nut tree, also called "chokogou" in Haiti, can measure up to 50 meters and does not miss assets.Besides its virtues fertilizer for soils, it is highly prized for its nutritional and medicinal qualities.Planting nut-bread will promote strengthening the food security of people and livestock.