Reforest’Action / 5 songs to discover the forest in a different way
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5 songs to discover the forest in a different way


DJ Reforest'Action invites you to discover the forest in a different way, through the many mysteries it contains - invisible to the naked eye, and that you will nevertheless hear whispering if you listen...

Emancipator – Canopy

With Emancipator's "Canopy", land gently on the top of a tropical forest, and offer your ears to a real canopy concert.

Nym – The Face in the Woods

"The Face in the Woods" invites you to open your eyes to the mysteries hidden by the forest. Ghostly spirits, enigmatic creatures, meet those who inhabit the woods and rule over them as undisputed masters.

Sensitize – Shinrin-Yoku

Sensitize offers you a silvotherapy session with its title "Shinrin-Yoku" ("forest bath" in Japanese). Close your eyes, breathe: let yourself be carried by the millenary trees that surround you and embrace you. A bewitching experience.

Christian Löffler – A Forest

With "A Forest", Christian Löffler celebrates the forests of early autumn, which you crossed in the freckles of leaves and the refreshed air of the first Sundays of October. A mysterious and soaring atmosphere.

Plantrae – Invisible Forest

Imagine walking in the rain through the city. Your itinerary leads your steps to a park. All around you, the trees then tighten up and protect you from the rain by spreading their tree tops. It is this little miracle that Plantrae's "Invisible Forest" seems to celebrate. A salutary return to the magic of Nature, at the heart of everyday life.