Reforest’Action / 50 000 trees planted in the Landes forest
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50 000 trees planted in the Landes forest


In partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, Reforest’Action planted 50.000 trees in the Landes forest in May, with the help of RENT-A-CAR and its co-workers. 7 years after Klaus - the storm that destroyed 220.000 acres of the Landes -almost half of the area is still to be replanted. The effort to be made is huge and every enterprise, which contributes to the rebuilding of this emblematic forest, is precious.

With this in mind, Reforest’Action decided to plant again 50.000 trees, beginning of May. This reforestation was carried out in association with Arbor day foundation and financed by Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

On May 3rd, under a dark sea of clouds, around ten Enterprise Rent-a-Car collaborators came to plant trees in Moutsey (in the Landes region). They helped plant part of the 50.000 trees along with the Reforest’Action team and some local forest rangers.

Equipped with spades and digging sticks, our one-shot planters were able to put in the ground several thousands of Maritime Pines, Oaks and Birches.

Because they were planted at the edge of the plot, Oaks and Birches are a type of essence, which will help reduce disease spreading. Also, they will allow diminishing the impact of future storms… Hurray to all the planters for their energy and enthusiasm!