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All you need is green


The human eye perceives the green color better than any other color. It may be because our ancestors lived in the forest. Today, we know that trees and plants help mitigate the effects of climate change. But the benefits of all that is green also extend to health! Here are 5 reasons why we all need green in our life!

1/ The color green allows us to better see our environment

The human being is able to perceive three primary colors: blue, green and red. These colors correspond to wavelengths between 400 nanometers (blue) and 700 nanometers (red). This is the visible spectrum. In the middle of the spectrum is the green color, at about 555 nanometers. It is at this wavelength that our view is the best. Thus, thanks to its central position on the visible spectrum, the green helps to better perceive the other colors when they are located nearby. This ability to finely detect all shades of color has allowed our primitive ancestors to develop a selective advantage over other mammals.

2/ The green color can give us information about our diet

The green color of plants comes from chlorophyll, which is localized in their cells and plays a key role in photosynthesis. It is indeed what allows them to capture the energy of the sun and convert it into energy capable of stimulating their growth. Thus, bananas are green as long as they have not completed their growth. The color green then plays a warning role, and invites us not to consume these fruits that might be difficult to digest. Conversely, a lettuce leaf that turns from green to brown is a sign that the salad is rotting.

3/ The green color has soothing virtues

Researchers have shown that the green color has the ability to soothe our nervous system. Indeed, since it is the easiest color to perceive for our eyes, our whole body can then relax when this color surrounds us. That's why green is so prevalent in hospitals, schools or offices. Historically, the actors retreated even into boxes whose walls were painted green to rest their eyes tired by the lighting of the scene.

4/ The color green allows us to live longer

A natural environment, filled with vegetation, could help us live longer. A study published in 2016 shows that living close to green areas was linked to better life expectancy and better morale. Indeed, the presence of green spaces close to home offers more opportunities to socialize outside and thus be less isolated; In addition, trees purify and refresh the air we breathe, reducing our risk of developing breathing problems. They also release negative ions, effective to fight against stress and fatigue.

5/ Green color is associated with positive symbols

According to the historian Michel Pastoureau, more than a pigment, all color is at first an idea. Green is synonymous with luck, freedom, hope, creativity, renewal and vitality. So many precious symbols to wear with you every day!