Reforest’Action / Allianz contributes to reforestation whilst raising awareness about “Eco-Driving”
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Allianz contributes to reforestation whilst raising awareness about “Eco-Driving”

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Allianz, a world leader in insurance that is committed to transitioning towards a low carbon economy, has joined forces with Reforest’Action to launch an event that will allow their clients to contribute to reforestation, whilst at the same time, increasing their awareness about the importance of eco-driving.

As part of their CSR strategy, Allianz has decided to consolidate its professional commitments to being both a sustainable insurer and a responsible investor. The company is taking action against climate change, firstly, via their investment choices (progressively disengaging from carbon investment, investing in renewable energy etc.) and secondly, by reducing their own CO2 emissions (-26.7% since 2010). They also hope to incorporate their actions for the environment with their main insurance activities: therefore, they have decided to plant a tree for each new automobile policy contract that is signed and to give their customers the option to become Reforest’Actors themselves.

By using the plantation code given to them by their advisor once their contract is signed, Allianz’s clients can go to Reforest’Action’s site and choose the forestry project where they would like their tree to be planted (in France, Europe, Africa, Indonesia or South America). The description and photos allow them to learn even more about the context and the benefits of each project, so that they can make an informed decision.

Advice on eco-driving

Alongside their actions for the forest, Allianz is raising awareness amongst their customers about the need to reduce their carbon footprint by encouraging them to start eco-driving through a leaflet that offers many tips about: how to ensure their vehicle is well-maintained (as a bad maintenance can increase a vehicle’s consumption by up to 25%!) how to adapt their speed and the recommended driving style to adopt. The goal is to help drivers reduce their fuel consumption, and thus their greenhouse gas emissions, whilst saving money at the same time. Allianz is also encouraging them to leave their car at home and to rediscover the benefits of walking, cycling or car-sharing.

For Martine Baruch, in charge of CSR at Allianz France: “Planting a tree doesn’t cover everything, it’s a contribution. This event gives us the opportunity to present our long-term engagements for the climate to our networks and to propose a concrete and immediate action that contributes to reforestation and the preservation of biodiversity: encourage eco-driving and plant a tree”.