Reforest’Action / Amazon emergency: reforestation in action!
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Amazon emergency: reforestation in action!


While Amazonia has been suffering from major fires for several weeks and the G7 has recently offered its assistance to Brazil, Reforest'Action is today launching #ReforestAmazonia, a major reforestation campaign. Objective: reduce deforestation and restore forests degraded by burning in Rondônia State, the most affected by deforestation in the Amazon.

A reforestation campaign for the Amazon

Alongside the NGO RioTerra, Reforest'Action operates in Brazil in the State of Rondônia, the most affected by deforestation in the Amazon. Aimed at the general public and businesses, this reforestation initiative is intended to complement the essential efforts to reduce deforestation to which each State, organization and citizen must contribute.

The trees are planted in agroforestry, on small family farms, as well as in the heart of the Amazonian forest, in order to restore the forest ecosystem with local species. The project has a twofold objective: to reduce deforestation and restore forests degraded by burning.

Among the species planted, all are local. These include the cocoa tree, which will enable producers to generate additional income by selling cocoa; the acai, which produces berries with highly nutritious qualities; the cupuaçu, which produces a vegetable butter sought after for its soothing and repairing properties; andiroba, known for their medicinal properties; peach palm and Amazon walnut, whose fruits or nuts are consumed by local populations; and courbaril, which will eventually be used to produce quality wood.

Reducing deforestation through agroforestry

Encouraged by the advice provided by our partner RioTerra, local farmers are developing the practice of agroforestry. By combining the planting of a diversity of local trees on deforested land with sustainable agricultural production, local people earn more income per hectare than by growing soybeans or raising livestock. Thus, they do not exhaust their land, which they are no longer tempted to abandon for a new one that they would have deforested again. Agroforestry therefore makes it possible to break the vicious circle of deforestation by burning.

Restoring the Amazonian forest

In order to restore areas of degraded forest, various species of local trees are also planted. These trees contribute to providing a range of essential ecosystem services such as carbon storage, oxygen production, climate and water cycle regulation and soil restoration.

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