Reforest’Action / Brazil : the results of our Amazon reforestation project
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Brazil : the results of our Amazon reforestation project


Since September 2019, we have been supporting the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest alongside our Brazilian partner Rioterra. The first part of our project, anchored in the Porto Velho region, was completed last spring, and our goal of 120,000 trees planted on more than 100 hectares was successfully achieved. We will continue to develop our project in new areas of the Brazilian Amazon in the coming months.​

Integrating agroforestry to reduce deforestation

Our reforestation project, led in the field by our partner Rioterra, is located in the state of Rondônia, in the southwestern part of the Brazilian Amazon, within the "arc of deforestation". Encouraged by the advice provided by our partner Rioterra, local farmers are integrating agroforestry into their farming practices, which allows them to earn more income per hectare than by growing soybeans or raising livestock. Therefore, they become aware of the forest cover value for their food crops, and they understand the capacity of trees in their fields to enrich the cultivated soil. Our project thus helps to support local populations towards sustainable agricultural production, and reduce the vicious circle of deforestation. Along with reducing deforestation, our project is also contributing to the restoration of deforested areas of forest through a variety of local species grown in nurseries.

Success of the project after six months of deployment​

Initiated in September 2019, our project, located in the Porto Velho region, has reached its goal of replanting 120,000 trees on more than 100 hectares. The trees were planted alongside local communities in two main areas :

  • in Nova Mutum Paraná, plantations of forest and fruit species were carried out on family farmland as well as within permanent preservation areas, legally protected by the Brazilian Forestry Code ;
  • in Ji-Paraná, agroforestry systems have been implemented for the benefit of traditional families, within the Indian territory of Igarapé Lourde.

Conducted with great success in the field by our local partner Rioterra, the project has fully integrated the local communities, making them aware of the benefits of agroforestry and of the maintenance of the planted trees. Over the next few years, Rioterra will continue to monitor the planted trees and will guarantee the sustainability of the implemented agroforestry systems thanks to monthly field visits by their experts and images taken by drone.

Reforest’Action keeps supporting the Amazon restoration

In the coming months, our Brazilian project will move towards new plantation areas in the state of Rondônia, and in particular towards the reforestation of extractivist reserves. These territories, which are legally protected in Brazil, aim to preserve the livelihood and culture of traditional populations. These reserves guarantee local provides local people with a free of charge and unlimited in time access to the natural resources of these areas. In return, these populations commit themselves to a sustainable use of the natural resources at their disposal. The planting of more than 200,000 additional trees, including acai, Amazonian walnut, peach and cupuaçu palms, will begin in October 2020 and will take place on formerly burned or degraded pastures.

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