Reforest’Action / Bureau Veritas and its employees contribute to reforestation throughout the world
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Bureau Veritas and its employees contribute to reforestation throughout the world

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Bureau Veritas commits in favor of reforestation with Reforest’Action through projects spread over six countries and five continents. The world leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC) finances the plantation of 6 250 trees in 2019. Moreover, for each tree planted by one of its collaborators, the company will plant one more.

Employees involved in reforestation

In 2019, Bureau Veritas contributes to tree plantations across six projects relatively close to its workplaces. These projects are located in the United States, in Peru, in Senegal, in Indonesia, in Spain, and in France. The certification organization commits to planting 6 250 trees this year. To go further, the company encourages its employees to take part in this eco-responsible approach by planting themselves a tree on, participatory reforestation platform. And for each tree planted by one of its employees, Bureau Veritas plants one more. The employee feedback has been very positive, they are happy to have the possibility to act for reforestation. This program is already inspiring other companies to do the same.

“This program is directly aligned with our company’s business purpose, focused on our clients and driven by social needs, as well as the commitment of the men and women who make up our workforce and who are proud to see that their work has a positive impact”, says Helen Bradley, Executive Vice President, Group Human Resources at Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas decided to join forces with Reforest’Action because both companies share common values. “We went with Reforest’Action because of the quality of the proposed projects, its transparency in terms of capital management, its ability to contribute to local jobs, and the positive impact these projects would have on biodiversity”, highlights Helen Bradley. Through its support, Bureau Veritas helps Peruvian and Senegalese communities for their agroforestry projects and contributes to reforestation of degraded forests on the other plantation sites.

A company with eco-responsible values

Bureau Veritas’ mission is to reduce clients’ risks, improve their performance and help them innovate to meet their challenges in quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. That notably means helping clients curtail environmental risk by measuring, inspecting and certifying that their sites, products and supply chains conform to local and global regulatory and environmental standards.

The engagement of the organism besides Reforest’Action is part of a global environmental approach. Beyond its role as a service company, Bureau Veritas implements its own programs to reduce its most significant environmental impacts and involves its employees worldwide. For instance, Bureau Veritas has successfully celebrated the United Nations World Environment Day for the last 10 years. Since 2015, its employees have been involved in more than 350 action programs.

Bureau Veritas is also actively engaged in protecting the health of the planet. Biodiversity is a key component to this goal, which is why in 2018 the group became one of the first companies to join act4nature, an initiative whose goal is to protect, promote and restore biodiversity. Bureau Veritas also finances associations and ONGs in the education, environment and health sectors and participated in 36 volunteering actions in 2018.