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Carbon offsetting: Reforest'Action's standpoint

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Since companies contact us to act in the field of carbon offsetting, it is important for Reforest'Action to share its views on this practice. We are publishing a position statement with this in mind.

In July 2019, a study revealed that the world could move towards a global warming of +7°C by 2100 if nothing changes. These projections are a long way from the Paris Agreement's goal of containing global warming to no more than 2 degrees by the end of the century.

Thus, business action on climate change has never been more urgently needed. At the same time, the forest is becoming more and more a solution favoured by many players, particularly in terms of carbon strategy and the fight against climate change.

Given this context, as a specialist in reforestation in France and around the world, and as a key player in carbon offsetting, Reforest'Action is publishing a standpoint note on the subject. Here are the key points:

  • The reduction of CO2 emissions is the priority of each and every one of us - governments, companies and individuals.
  • Carbon offsetting is just one step in the carbon strategy that makes reduction its cornerstone.
  • Forests and reforestation are a relevant carbon offset solution that provides many co-benefits.
  • There is no point in planting trees to offset one's carbon footprint if it is not reduced beforehand and on a continuous basis.

Discover our standpoint note on carbon offsetting by clicking here!