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Discover our new planting project in Haiti


After having participated in the development of a first plantation project on Haitian territory, Reforest'Action continues its commitment in Haiti with the local association OJUCAH. Stéphane Hallaire, founder of Reforest'Action, has been on the field to introduce you to our new project.

300,000 cashew trees to enrich a multitude of species already planted on site

Haiti is now one of the most deforested countries in the world. In 1920, 60% of Haitian territory was covered with forests, compared to only 2% today. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew destroyed many of the remaining standing trees. Developed alongside the local association OJUCAH, our new project, located in Lavial, will allow to plant 300,000 cashew trees in and around the fields of local farmers in order to enrich a multitude of species already planted on site. Nearly 1500 families will benefit from the harvest of cashew nuts produced by the trees.

Construction of a local nursery dedicated to the project

A local nursery, built in September 2018, is used to produce the seedlings. The OJUCAH team carries out these activities by recruiting temporary staff locally on a task-based basis. Six nurserymen are assigned to the project nursery. Plantings will take place from 4 months after sowing the seeds and will ideally coincide with the beginning of the rainy season.

Benefits of the project

This project aims to develop people's food security, create a sustainable cashew nut trade and raise farmers' awareness of agroforestry. The planted trees will also help to restore soils affected by severe erosion and fight global warming.

Take part to the project by planting trees !