Reforest’Action / European Union 3 Billion Tree Planting Pledge: Reforest’Action's contribution
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European Union 3 Billion Tree Planting Pledge: Reforest’Action's contribution

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Working in some 15 European countries to date, Reforest'Action will actively contribute to the EU's pledge to plant 3 billion additional trees by 2030 through the creation of biodiversity-rich and multifunctional forests.

As a major player in the protection, restoration and expansion of forest ecosystems around the world, Reforest'Action implements projects in some 40 countries, mainly in tropical regions, to date. Reforestation, afforestation, agroforestry, urban forests: the diversity of the projects we finance and accompany runs through close collaboration with more than 1000 partners in the field (associations, forest managers, citizens, etc.).

Growing biodiversity-friendly forests in the EU

In Europe, Reforest'Action implements projects in 15 countries, mainly to extend forest cover and restore forests following natural hazards such as drought, disease or insect attacks. In the EU, our goal is now to plant and regenerate 350,000 hectares of forest (i.e 350 million trees planted and regenerated), including 70,000 ha by afforestation alone, as a part of our 1 billion trees global goal, by 2030.

To meet this objective, Reforest'Action will actively contribute to the European Union’s 3 billion additional trees pledge. In cooperation with EU institutions, such as the European Commission, and local stakeholders in forest renewal across the continent, Reforest'Action will expand its funding and its action on the ground to deploy a growing number of quality afforestation projects. As a partner of the European Forest Institute, Reforest'Action will contribute to grow new biodiversity-friendly and multifunctional forest, providing a variety of ecosystem services over the next ten years.