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Five initiatives in favor of the world's forests by 2030


In 2021, the world's forests are at a historical turning point. This momentum is particularly illustrated by the launch of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration, in the wake of the emergence of a multitude of international initiatives, which aimed at taking fast and strong action over the next ten years to protect and restore forest ecosystems on a global scale. Discover the 5 initiatives that will mark the next decade in favor of forests.

The UN proclaims the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Particularly concerned by the fact that the economic value of the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, due to land degradation and especially forest degradation, represents more than 10% of the world's gross domestic product, the UN has decided to proclaim the period 2021-2030 as the "United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration". The objective of this initiative is to support and intensify efforts to prevent, stop and reverse the degradation of ecosystems around the world. The restoration of natural ecosystems currently receives only 1% of the funding dedicated to the fight against global warming. The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration should therefore help to direct more funds towards restoration and to act more quickly and effectively in favour of climate and biodiversity.

The European Union adopts a Green Pact and a Forest Strategy

To address the threat of climate change and environmental degradation, Europe has adopted a new growth strategy in 2019 to make the EU economy sustainable. The Green Pact for Europe proposes an action plan to restore biodiversity, reduce pollution and promote resource efficiency by moving towards a clean, circular economy. The EU aims to bring its net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. In 2021, the EU is also launching a public consultation to develop a Forest Strategy based on the principles of sustainable forest management and use. The objective? To preserve forest biodiversity and ecosystem services, strengthen the role of forests in adapting to and combating climate change, and ensure the prosperity and viability of economic activities in urban and rural areas.

World Economic Forum launches the 1 Trillion Trees initiative

In 2020, the World Economic Forum, which meets annually in Davos, launched the 1 Trillion Trees initiative. This program aims to raise funding to conserve, restore and plant 1 trillion trees by 2030. The Forum takes this opportunity to recall that Nature-Based Solutions, including carbon storage through forests, could represent up to one third of the climate change mitigation measures needed by 2030 to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The Prince of Wales creates the Terra Carta, a green recovery charter for businesses

On the occasion of the One Planet Summit in early 2021, the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, invited companies to "place nature, people and the planet at the heart of global value creation" over the next decade, in an approach supported by a large number of companies, including Reforest'Action. Named Terra Carta as a tribute to the historic Magna Carta (the charter of fundamental rights adopted more than 800 years ago), this framework sets out 100 actions to enable businesses to place their resources and innovations at the service of the fight against the global climate and biodiversity crises. A plan that will use the precious and irreplaceable power of nature, combined with the innovation and transformative resources of the private sector.

Reforest'Action and Open Diplomacy organize the Global Forest Summit

Reforest'Action, a major player in the preservation and restoration of the world's forests, and Open Diplomacy, a think tank specialising in international affairs, will organize the Global Forest Summit in March 2021. An international event dedicated to forests, the summit will bring together high-level speakers on 12 March who will discuss the situation of forest ecosystems and show their peers solutions for the future of their protection and restoration. This high point will take place in parallel with Forest Month, a vast awareness campaign on the challenges and benefits of forests, carried by Reforest'Action since 2019.

For the past 10 years, Reforest'Action has been fully involved in this momentum by restoring multifunctional forests based on the diversity of tree species, in order to develop their ecosystem services and strengthen their resistance to natural hazards. Our ambition by 2030 is to plant and regenerate 1 billion trees around the world, thanks to the invaluable work of our project leaders in the field. Together, let's take up this challenge! Let’s contribute, massively and collectively, to the protection and restoration of the world's forest ecosystems. Because, more than ever, our future is called forest.

Companies and citizens, join the movement by financing the protection and restoration of forests!