Reforest’Action / Forest Month 2019: a great success thanks to you
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Forest Month 2019: a great success thanks to you


Every year, throughout the month of March, Reforest'Action organizes a major awareness campaign on the importance of forests for climate, biodiversity, economic development, and our daily lives: it is Forest Month! Discover the results of this first edition held in March 2019.

The idea of Forest Month ("Le Mois de la Forêt" in French) was born the day we realized that the benefits of the forest in our daily lives were still too little known to the general public. How can we make young and old aware of the many benefits that trees bring us every day?

Forest Month: 31 days of awareness and action for forests

Backed by the International Forest Day proclaimed every 21 March by the UN, Forest Month, created by Reforest'Action, aims to raise public awareness of the challenges and benefits of French and global forests in their diversity. This event invites everyone to act against deforestation and in favour of reforestation through concrete solutions.

March 2019: Great success for the first edition of Forest Month

Throughout this incredible Forest Month, we have taken the challenge of taking you with us to discover the countless benefits that forests bring us every day. 7 million people affected, 15 forests planted throughout France with a total of 150,000 trees and 500 volunteer planters mobilized, 30 media outlets... This first edition is a great success, thanks to the support of our many partners and ambassadors. Among them, some companies involved for forests such as Leroy Merlin, Crédit Agricole Assurances, Mint Energie and PGS Group ; some environmental organizations and associations, such as France Nature Environnement, Fransylva and PEFC ; even the city of Paris joined the adventure!

Together, we planted oaks, alisiers and walnut trees in the soggy soil of Voinsles, near Paris. We marvelled as we listened to the great Francis Hallé tell us about the biodiversity of tropical forests. We created an urban forest in the Bois de Vincennes with Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris) and a crowd of Parisians. And many other events!

We also gave the floor to our wonderful Ambassadors, who told us, with great passion and generosity, about the powers that the forest has over them. And you, our Reforest'Actors, have been an integral part of the adventure.

And this is only the beginning: let us continue to talk about forests, to give them new life, to try to understand them, and, always, to be moved by them. See you in March 2020 for the second edition of Forest Month!