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The forest, natural climate solution #1!


Renewable energy technologies and innovations are not the only way to combat climate change. Nature alone can reduce 37% of CO2 emissions by 2030, keeping global warming below two degrees Celsius. That is what revealed a study published by the US National Academy of Sciences. And among these natural climate solutions to capture CO2 emissions and prevent them from being released into the atmosphere, the forest holds the first place!

1/ More trees, more forests

The US study shows that increasing the number of trees could capture 7 billion tons of CO2 per year from the atmosphere by 2030, which is equivalent to removing from the road 1,5 billion cars.

2/ Fewer pastures, no more conservation agriculture

Agricultural land, which accounts for 11% of the world's landmass, could, according to the study, be exploited differently to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 22%, in particular by giving more space to trees on cultivated plots (agroforestry), reducing pasture for livestock and developing conservation agriculture.

3/ Protect and restore wetlands

Wetlands, which account for 4-6% of the Earth's surface, absorb and contain the highest concentration of CO2 per hectare, accounting for one quarter of the world's total CO2. Putting more emphasis on their preservation would reduce global carbon emissions by 14%.

We thus have to find a balance between protecting our ecosystems and meeting our natural resource needs, such as improving the way forests are managed. Natural climate solutions can also enable communities to adapt to climate change: wetlands have a role to play in protecting the coast against storms and fighting rising water levels.

Adopt natural climate solution #1 now by planting trees, and have a positive impact on the world! :)