Reforest’Action / Guinea : construction of nurseries and new reforestation season
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Guinea : construction of nurseries and new reforestation season


In February 2020 in Guinea, Reforest'Action took part in a technical support mission co-organized by the French Embassy and the EESC, in order to support RENASCEDD in the development of its own nurseries. Eight months later, building on this experience, our technical partner in the field successfully completed the production of thousands of trees in nurseries and conducted their planting alongside local communities.

4 nurseries dedicated to the project were implemented last spring

Thanks to the technical expertise provided by Reforest'Action and Hervé Le Bouler in February 2020, our technical partner, RENASCEDD, has set up 4 permanent nurseries dedicated to the reforestation project in the Kindia and Boffa region. Overall, 60 nurserymen have been mobilized by RENASCEDD for the production of seedlings, and 35 students from the Higher Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine in Faranah have been trained in the nursery techniques during in the spring of 2020.

A new reforestation campaign opened in June 2020

This summer, 125,000 trees financed by Reforest'Action and produced in these nurseries were planted thanks to the mobilization of local communities.

The restoration of mangroves on the coasts of Douprou (near Boffa) and Kaback was the first part of the reforestation campaign. Affected by deforestation, these forests located between land and sea are essential for local communities. Their disappearance generates a saline rise that makes the coastal lands uncultivable. Mangrove trees have been planted along the seashore to fight against coastal erosion, to protect the surrounding villages from rising water levels, and to preserve the coastline biodiversity on which the populations depend, especially for fishing.

At the same time, trees of various species (gelina, acacia, moringa, orange tree, teak tree...) were planted in agroforestry in cultivated fields alongside the inhabitants of the following villages : Faranah, Mamou, Kindia and Boffa. These trees will enable the populations to create shade for their underlying food crops, to feed on the harvested fruits and to sell the surplus on local markets to obtain additional income.

A total of 200 planters were mobilized in the field throughout the summer of 2020. RENASCEDD was also able to conduct environmental education activities in Kaback schools as well as awareness meetings on mangrove protection and restoration with local elected officials.

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