Reforest’Action / Haiti: children receive a tree for Earth Day
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Haiti: children receive a tree for Earth Day


To celebrate Earth Day, some children of Cabaret came to our tree nursery on April 22 to take a young maya nut sapling that they then planted at home.

Receiving a tree is a unique and initiatory gift. More than a simple present, it’s an act of empowerment for each child. And as an adult, offering a tree represents a fantastic way to express the confidence we have in the child.

In this spirit, some children of Cabaret, a Haitian coastal town where our tree nursery is located, receive a tree to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. With gloves and small garden forks, each of the visitors took a young sapling out of the soil.

Trained to the management of their small maya nut, the children happily returned to home so as to pick out their tree. From now on, their mission is to take care of it all year long!

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