Reforest’Action / Madagascar: the first trees have been planted!
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Madagascar: the first trees have been planted!


In Madagascar, Reforest'Action has been working since April 2018 with the association Generation Masoala to maintain the community nursery in Ambatobe. The objective? Reforest affected plots and provide the population with tree seedlings with consumable, exploitable and marketable resources. Discover the latest project news!

In recent months, the three nurseries responsible for the Ambatobe community nursery have set up new spaces according to the needs of the population.

Young shoots of acacias, Hintsi and Rami be, from the nursery, were then planted in May in plots to be reforested. The inhabitants are directly involved in the plantation. Mr. Jaonasy, who is involved in the project, testifies: "I planted Hintsi along the river to maintain the banks as they were before."

Other species, such as Noni or mango, have taken root on the land of the inhabitants according to the agroforestry method. These young shoots will enable them to harvest fruit by 2022. Noni, for example, produces a fruit that is very appreciated by Malagasy people for its revitalizing juice.

A total of 448 plants were planted in the Ambatobe Forest region in May. 8342 trees are currently being planted in the community nursery and will soon take root in Madagascar.

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