Reforest’Action / Morning of citizen dialogue and participatory planting with European Commission in France
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Morning of citizen dialogue and participatory planting with European Commission in France


After an introductory session with speeches by Ferran Tarradellas Espuny, Director of Communication of the European Commission in France and Stéphane Hallaire, President of Reforest'Action, the participants were divided into 4 groups and set out to discover the forest.

Citizens speak out for the future of forests

The participants reflected on the future of French and European forests through three thematic workshops, led by members of the Reforest'Action forestry division. These workshops focused on the benefits provided by forests and their multifunctionality, the threats they face and the proposals of citizens to meet the challenges posed by the climate emergency. They were an opportunity for fruitful exchanges, which were enriched by the representatives of the European Commission in France.

At the end of the morning, the spokesperson of each group presented three proposals on the protection of European forest cover. Through this time of participatory democracy, citizens have made their voice heard in favor of forests. Their ten proposals will soon be posted on the website of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The Conference will summarize the proposals and formulate guidelines that will then be examined by the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission.

Citizens enrich forest plots

Participants also had the opportunity to plant trees on two plots, identified for their regeneration potential. The plots feature naturally regenerating acacia and oak seedlings. The oaks, more sensitive to deer attacks, were protected during forestry work. During the event, a hundred trees of a plurality of species (sessile oaks, sycamore maples, cherry trees and chestnut trees) were planted to densify the poorly regenerated zones and diversify the species present on the area.

Carried by a very beautiful collective dynamics, this collaborative event has contributed to renew a forest ecosystem and formulate concrete proposals around the necessary preservation of forests in France and in Europe.