Reforest’Action / The OECD takes action in favour of the french forest with Reforest'Action
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The OECD takes action in favour of the french forest with Reforest'Action

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In partnership with Reforest'Action, the OECD has planted 3900 trees in Bréval, near Paris. A strong gesture in favour of the environment. The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) promotes policies favoring the strengthening of the socioeconomic well-being in the entire world, by examining the questions which affect directly the life of the populations, in particular the environmental issue. To involve its agents in the deployment of its own strategy of sustainable development, the OECD chose this year to plant a tree for each of its collaborators, in partnership with Reforest'Action. The plantation of 3 900 trees was therefore completed this month in the forest of Bréval, to restore a plot of land affected by a decay of trees. Many yellow birches, nannyberries, oaks and chestnut trees took roots at the heart of this woodland, with the intention of reconstituting the native forest of oaks and fruit trees. There are plenty of expected benefits from this large diversity of trees: development of biodiversity, storage of CO2, restoration of the surrounding landscape. Moreover, to mark this action in favour of the forest in its collaborators’ mind, the OECD chose to participate to a day of tree planting organized by Reforest' Action in the park of Thoiry on Wednesday, March 29th.

Under a beautiful blue spring sky, 40 flowering magnolias were planted by several OECD ambassadors as well as by the General Secretary of the organization and staff members, all gathered for this exceptional event and accompanied by the Reforest'Action team.

The project seduced all the dignitaries. Each one of them contributed to the improvement of the environment, one tree at the time!