Reforest’Action / Over 10 000 new Maya Nut Trees planted in Peru
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Over 10 000 new Maya Nut Trees planted in Peru


Nurseries are constantly full in the San Martin region of Peru. Over 10 000 young and lovely Maya Nut trees were planted in August and September. Thanks to Paul Mitchell’s support. Known as the African Iroko, this astonishing walnut tree is called Maya nut tree in the Peruvian latitudes - where our reforestation project runs in Amazonia. If Maya Nut Tree is so greatly praised, it is because it contains wonderful properties, useful to the ecosystems, as much as to the human beings.

In addition to its highly nutritious fruits for the local population - that strengthen food security for children - Mayan Walnut Tree also has the amazing ability to transform CO2 sequestration in limestone. In August and September, Reforest’ Action planted more than 10,000 Mayan Walnut Trees in the San Martin region. More precisely, in the heart of the Conservation area named Cordillera Escalera.

Besides planting, nurseries are plentiful of young plants, lovingly pampered by local teams. All these future gigantic trees will be planted in the next coming months, with the support of our partner Paul Mitchell.