Reforest’Action / Over 18.000 trees planted in Peru in April
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Over 18.000 trees planted in Peru in April


Nice job! Local communities and Reforest’Action Peruvian partners planted more than 18.000 trees last month thanks to Paul Mitchell's support. Our reforestation project in Peru is flat out! While 14.000 seedlings are currently carefully being managed in several nurseries of San Martin's region, 18.000 other young trees were picked out in the field. They will be gigantic in a few decades!

In addition to emblematic Maya Nut trees, many other fantastic species were planted such as Capirona, Cedrela or Guapuruvu.

Like Maya Nut, these trees can reach the top of the canopy. Once mature, Capirona or Guapuruvu reach around 30 to 40 meters tall!

They are also very useful trees for local communities. Capirona’s bark is notably used to heal fungus on skin, eye infections and is also recognized as an antidiabetic.

Planting these trees - thanks to Paul Mitchell's support - is also pretty useful to preserve their specie in the long term. Actually, several of those species are actually listed as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘endangered’ on IUCN Red List.